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Am I the only one. . .?


ok. hi. I have never been good at these types of posts but I'll make this one good.

Welcome, all joiners of temple_of_molo!

This community was made by inukyo426 and I because we wanted to show our appreciation for Hunter of AFI. Yeah yeah, I know, there's another Hunter community out there. But we want to be better. There are 3498905848 communities for Davey and Jade, one for Adam, one for Hunter, and one for Adam and Hunter. Blah. They will pale in comparison to us!

We don't mind AFI related posts, but try to stay on topic. If it's a really long AFI related post, please use an lj cut. If it's short.. then... just leave it. :P

Try not to uhm. post quizzes. and it's not like you see that many Hunter-related quizzes anyways... and I swear, if I see any "Which member of AFI will you fuck/make out with?" quizzes I will SLAP MYSELF AND YOU. >.> *cough* *smile*

And even though it's in the userinfo, methinks I am gonna reinforce... NO SLASH. ;______;

Also... please don't fight. Fighting is bad. x_X

We do encourage posting pictures, wallpapers, icons, any kind of graphic type things, as well as stories about you meeting Hunter. that kind of thing. Those posts are fun. ya know. on topic ones. :D

anyways... enjoy yourselves and tell your friends so they can email your other lovely moderator and join!
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