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...:tHE tEMPLE OF MOLO:....

The Hunter Burgan community

We love Hunter
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Hello! And welcome to THE TEMPLE OF MOLO!!!! Luckily, you have stumbled upon our lovely community dedicated to the lovely Hunter Burgan. As goes with most things, a few rules do apply and I would like to take the time now to state said rules. Please make your way to.................


Numero Uno: First off, the purpose of this community is to praise and give much deserved respect to our beloved Hunter. That said, there will be absolutely no toleration of posts of a disrespectful nature pertaining to Hunter, Hunter's lifestyle, Hunter's actions, fans of Hunter, members of the community, and especially your lovely mods. And please, no mention of the infamous "Pictures." Don't know what we're talking about? Good. It's better that way.

Two: No fanfiction. PLEASE. Links to fanfiction are ok but no posting of it in regular entry content. And PLEASE, and this is a big one, ABSOLUTELY NO SLASH!! It's just plain uncalled for. If I want cheaply written sex stories I'll visit the romance section at my local bookstore.

Three: No "Hunter is HOTT!" posts. Period. We're all adults here. Let's act like it. I don't know about you, but I already graduated high school. I don't want to go back.

Four: This community operates on a "Three strikes" program. If you are in violation of the guidelines, you will be given two warnings. After the third warning you are out. Fair, yes? Hopefully we all follow the guidelines so no one becomes exiled to warm the bench for an eternity.

Now that you've read the guidelines, if you still wish to join, you may do so by emailing your lovely mods (inukyo426 and excoriation) at the above address.