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Someone lights a cigarette while driving in a car

Let's go to picture picture

Hi everyone. *crickets churp*

I would like to share my photos of the H-man when I met him, Adam, Jade and Smith at the meet n greet in Fresno, CA in September of last year. Also thrown in are my pics from The St. Pete, FL Warped Tour from July. Enjoy!!

Hunter, Fresno, California, 9-24-2003:

In case you can't tell, Hunter is belly rubbing, or as it looks here, poking. Also notice Davey's elbow in the background. That was as close as I got.

Me und Hunter:

Hunter suggested this pose. I think it turned out great! I normally hate pictures of me smiling too, so that's big points for the man.

Me and Adam:

Adam is a sweetie. Very charismatic.

Me and Jade (God I look awful. *sigh*)

Jade was very gracious as always. He even gave me tattoo advice. :D

Did you happen to notice that they were all holding roses and little green buddhas? Those were my gifts to them. Smith and Davey got them too but unfortunately, I never met Davey and tho I did get a pic with Smith, I dropped my camera like a retard soooooooo, the pic never came out. :/

These next ones are from Warped 2003. Sadly, there's only two.

The Jade:

Jade rox. What more can I say? I didn't even have to ask him to pose for me, he just kinda did.

Me and The Jadester:

Didn't this come out awesome? Everyone I show it to asks two things:
1. Is he your boyfriend?
2. Is he the same age as you? He looks so young.

LOL. Yeah, right. I wish....

So, that's it for now. Comments are always welcome. Please post your pics with the guys too, especially Hunter if you have any.

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