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Someone lights a cigarette while driving in a car

Ok, I'm gonna get the ball rolling here cuz I don't want this to be like all the other dried up AFI communities. So, that said.......

I am a hella gigantic AFI fan. Have been ever since the ripe old age of 14 when I snuck out to see their show with Rancid at the Sting in New Britain, CT., which, sadly is no longer there. It was in November of 1995 and I had begged my mom for WEEKS to let me go. Of course she said no, because of my age I guess. Luckily for me, my cousin was a HUGE Rancid fan, so she and her boyfriend gladly agreed to help me sneak out for my first show EVER. We got there and I was immediately amazed. Of course we were late, and being that AFI was the opening band, we missed half their set. But what I heard had me absolutely mesmerized. If I had only known then how much that day would affect me.......

I remember that moment as vividly as if it was last night. Davey in his white t-shirt and black suspenders jumping around stage like he was on fire. Even then he had presence, unbelievably so. It was enough to grab me by the throat, pull me in, and never let go. It hasn't in eight years.

Over the next 5 years or so, I continued to listen to AFI regularly and go to shows. It wasn't until November 2000 (Five year anniversary!) that I saw AFI again. This time, my cousin was in NYC, so I took it upon myself to drive. Once again, AFI toured with Rancid. By this time I was out of my Rancid phase but the show was still good. AFI, of course was amazing. I fell in awe all over again.

After this point I was making an effort to see AFI more often. I saw them at Randall's Island in NYC at the Warped Tour in 2001, but didn't get to see them again until May 2003. Unfortunately, this almost didn't happen on account of my loser ex-boyfriend being a pain in my fucking ass. Anyway, I got to see them at the Avalon in Boston. I was totally squished but my love was renewed and took on an all new level of intensity. A fire was ignited inside of me and I was ready to go wherever I need to go, just to ensure that I could see them play again.

July 2003 I ventured to Florida for the Warped Tour since AFI wasn't playing any dates up here. It was the best trip I had made thus far. AFI played amazing sets both days I saw them, but the real highlight was meeting Adam, Smith, and Jade. That made my life. They were all very sweet and willing to talk, especially Smith. I got pictures taken and had a hella awesome time. I didn't meet Hunter tho, which spurred my next trip......

In September of 2003 I decided to do the unthinkable and fly to Fresno, CA for one day just to see the first show of AFI's fall tour. I was not disappointed in the least when I got there. I got into the meet n greet, so I got to meet Hunter, finally. I was immediately struck by how incredibly shy the man was. This only served to endear me to him. He really is a sweetheart. He is softspoken but very funny. He loves to pose for the camera, but I think praise for his natural talents causes him a bit of unease. I of course ran into Jade, Adam and Smith again, all of whom remembered me from Florida. Everyone got roses from me and little Jade buddhas. Smith was especially pleased with his gift. I don't think he gets many gifts. Then after the show I hung around with Hunter for a bit and I began to like him more and more. By the time the night was over, he had given me two hugs, two pictures, and a guitar pic with his face on it. Overall, it was a great trip. I was glad I got to finally meet Hunter and see what a great guy he really is.
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